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It scans the top 400 cryptocurrencies on coinmarketcap, and it keeps a record of the amount of tweets for each coin every 15 minutes. You can click on one in the list to the left. Change the number in the chart to change the averaging factor for the graph.

About me

I'm an independent developer who lives in The Netherlands, and is one of the few people to have studied a major called "Web Science" at the Eindhoven Technical University. This major was a combination of Computer science, mixed with some psychology and sociology. Key components were big data, user experience, software engineering. I have 4 years of software development experience as of now, working for some larger companies, some smaller companiers, and I have helped startup a company (findur.nl) which is now fully in hands of my co-founders. I have a passion for writing code, and I consider myself good at it.

This website is developed using Bootstrap, Knockout, require.js, dygraphs, datatables.
Favicon is "binoculars" by anbileru adaleru from the Noun Project

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