Blog online!

###Welcome! This is another moment to celebrate! The incubation of the blog function is a thing! From now on, my blogs will be posted here, so I can have a place to chat with people interested. No more updates on social media, just here. I will mostly publish technical updates, but maybe I will add technical analysis too. If anyone would be interested in writing analyses, send me a message, I would be willing to pay whenever I have the chance. I'm [@vanwifferen]( on Telegram, for those that have missed it. ###New domain You can now bookmark and share the website [](, this is a bit easier to remember than the old url. Please spread the word! ###Upcoming changes I want to have donation goals running, and maybe I want to get a new logo. Also, I have got some questions about the design of the website. Maybe I'll address that soon too in the past. I will focus mostly on ease of use in the beginning before focussing on beauty. Function over form with me. ###Facebook reactions Just as an experiment, I added comments on this blog, with the idea to have some social interaction. If you like this website, or have anything else to say, I'm intriqued to see how it will pan out. If any hate starts to grow here, I'll disable comments immediately. ###Fin Thanks everyone for reading! I'm very anxious to see how this project will grow. Till next time, Tane
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