Sunday evening blog post

##Donation Goals --- The history of this website is not a very long one. I have made the first draft at the end of August and created the scanner and the chart in a few evenings. I thought it was fun, and toyed around with it for a bit, and then let it run. After a month of gathering data, I looked at it again and saw that the information that was measured was incredibly accurate. Not useful per se, but data is never very useful when you have the first encounter with a new measurement. Sometimes though, I see a glimpse of information in the fuzz. That little piece that fits the puzzle together, to finish your story, to let you sleep knowing your coins are in a safe trade. That piece of information you are looking for. For me, it was seeing that [SONM](/Chart/SONM/) had only a few thousand tweets a day that made me see the value of the product. I deleted my database, there were some mathematical errors in there that I didn't feel like cleaning up by hand, and I started tracking again. The same day I posted an article on Reddit, and positive reactions started pouring in. I added some updates, and now I have a markdown compiler to edit blog entries, 92 followers on STEEM, and have a lot of plans for the future. However... I do need to eat. Google isn't happy with the amount of content I have placed on here, so they won't allow AdSense to run on here (yet). AdEx is not even in alpha, so that's out of the window, and I don't have enough name for myself to have big parties come up to host ICO ad's on here (yet). If you're an advertiser, and you're interested, hit me up :) For now, though, I want to sell you my time by having [donation goals](/Donate). It is a technique that I learned from watching Twitch streams, and I would like to try it on here. The idea is that you choose where your money goes, and when a goal is completed, the host usually does something. In my case, I will write code, or have somebody come in to help with the website. If you donate, expect up to 6 hours delay on balance updates, there are some clever caches involved in api's I don't control here. Also, if you have an idea of your own, please leave an update down below :) I'd be happy to include them in my thought process. ##Other website updates --- * There is an embedded coinmarketcap ticker in the chart screen * Coin list search history and ordering are saved between sessions * And a lot of invisible work. Whenever you start a new project, you'll never see where it is going to go. Sometimes, a small decision somewhere can mean a lot of work in the future. I have been ruthlessly pragmatic when designing everything, and I have taken out a few wrinkles in my code that needed to go before moving forward. * Database speed is improved ##Bits of information about the market --- I'm new at this, make your own conclusions. I try to look at coins on which the data is accurate. No OMG or TrumpCoins in these analyses. ####District0X is on Bittrex ![]( Distrixt0x is a highly hyped and anticipated coin. On Bittrex, at the time of writing, the volume DNT/BTC is $3.11 Million. However, when looking at the tweet graph, not much is to be seen. There is a single peak, it's an all-time high since I started measuring, of 674 tweets in 15 minutes, to go back down to the normal level, about 100 tweets every 15 minutes. about 17 hours after the coin launched on Bittrex. I don't see any instant hype, new users speculating, or growing, but it might still happen...? :P ####Stratis new breeze wallet announced ![]( Stratis is a coin that doesn't get a lot of tweets. The average is about 30-40 tweets an hour. As soon as the wallet update was announced, the graph took a rise up to 160 tweets/15 min, to slowly drop back down to its normal volume. Stratis is a coin with people showing serious interest, and a tight team, but they have a long way to go. ##Final words --- Whilst writing this post, I had a lot of good ideas to write about analyzing the charts. I think it might be a better idea to make a separate blog post for that, maybe very soon. If you like this website, please spread the word, or send me a message. Also, don't forget to donate!
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